Personalized, Effective Wellness Programs

As part of our commitment to senior health and well-being, Ascend Rehab offers a wide range of fitness and wellness opportunities, in both group and individual settings, for residents and community members. We take a comprehensive approach to wellness, considering clients’ health and medical histories, current capabilities and wellness goals. Continued participation in a wellness program helps you maintain the gains you've made after recovery and rehabilitation following a surgery or illness. 

But we’re so much more than a fitness center. Our programs are developed and facilitated by highly-trained, certified therapists and fitness specialists. We begin with a complete fitness assessment by a therapist, who creates a customized program or exercise prescription with fitness and wellness recommendations. This exercise prescription is carried out at our outpatient therapy clinic locations.

Our equipment is specialized for older adults and pre-programmed for the individual. Onsite residents receive a fitness center membership with their rent; we offer reasonable rates for community members. Our one-on-one services are available to seniors living at home within a five-mile radius of one of our current locations. 

We offer a variety of fitness classes, tailored to all skill levels and abilities:

  • FUNctional Fitness – a well-rounded, FUN class designed to improve overall fitness with activities and equipment that build strength, endurance, balance, mobility and flexibility. 
  • Better Balance – a class specifically designed to improve balance and stability and decrease the risk of falling with a progressive sequence of exercises and training. We incorporate fall prevention education, home modification and equipment to improve safety in the home. 
  • Stretch and Flex – an entry-level class featuring a series of seated and standing poses to improve posture and flexibility. Restorative breathing promotes stress reduction and mental clarity. 
  • Strength Fusion – a dynamic class incorporating whole body strengthening, balance and flexibilty. Alternating circuits with a variety of resistance equipment evolve weekly to increase metabolism, maintain an appropriate level of challenge, improve bone density and strengthen muscles.
  • Circuit Training – A fitness specialist is present to support and help you workout with the strength-training and cardio conditioning equipment available in the fitness room. 
  • CardioFit – This class provides regular cardiovascular exercise, helping to control your blood pressure and strengthen the heart, muscles and bones. You will feel a boost of energy, directly increasing metabolism and improving overall lung and circulation function.
  • Mind and Body – This beneficial class is a blend of exercises that challenge balance, strength and flexibility while challenging the mind with multitasking, reasoning, language and memory.
  • One-on-One Personal Training – One-on-one support from a specialist helps achieve personal goals in strength, range of motion, endurance and balance. 
  • Aqua Fit – This medium intensity class takes place in either shallow or deep water depending on your comfort level. The class works on aerobic endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. It is a great way to improve functionality in everyday tasks and improve quality of life. No experience needed.
  • Water Walking – This class improves physical fitness as well as provides a therapeutic experience. Fitness benefits may include: increased heart and muscle strength and heightened endurance, flexibility and balance. Therapeutic benefits may include: stress reduction, improved insulin sensitivity due to exercise and reduction of pain.
  • Aquatic Circuit – Improve your strength, endurance, mobility and flexibility at your own pace. Follow a program designed specifically for you by our therapists or come just to enjoy the calm of the warm water and float at your leisure.
  • Open Gym – Workout with gym equipment independently.
  • Open Swim – Swim independently.

Whatever your goals, and wherever you may be on your health and wellness journey, Ascend Rehab provides programs and support at every step. Contact us to learn more about our specialized wellness and fitness services. 


Ascend Rehabilitation provides comprehensive traditional and specialty therapy and rehabilitation services that focus on the changing needs of older adults. Whatever your needs, wherever you are, we can provide the care you need. We offer both inpatient and outpatient services as well as an individualized home-based program. Contact us for more information.