Specializing in the Needs of Older Adults

At Ascend Rehabilitation, we treat the whole person at every stage along his or her health and wellness journey. If you are over the age of 65 and have been prescribed therapy for your continued health and mobility, come to a therapy clinic that specializes in the needs of seniors. Ascend currently offers outpatient therapy services for senior rehab in the following communities: New Hope, Brooklyn Park, Woodbury, Maple Grove and Richfield.

If you are an older adult with an injury or illness and need outpatient therapy, go to the experts who understand and look at your overall wellness approach as you age.  Because our clinics are within senior care campuses, we offer you additional resources and support as you get back to being you. Many of our locations offer warm water aquatic therapy as well as senior-friendly exercise equipment.  Visit our on-site bistros for a healthy meal before or after your therapy appointment. After your outpatient therapy care is completed, you can become a member of our senior fitness program and continue working out in the same space and with the equipment that you came to be familiar with during your outpatient therapy. 

Our highly-trained team understands the changes and challenges that can occur as you age. Individualized plans that promote independence and safety include:

  • Orthopedic rehab for joint impairments and issues, including neck or back pain and extremity joints such as shoulders and hips. 
  • Neuro rehab to address conditions of the nervous system such as stroke, head trauma or Parkinson's recovery.
  • Cardiovascular rehab for recovery from events that affected the heart, lungs and circulation, such as a heart attack, congestive heart failure, pneumonia or lymphedema.

We offer specialized therapy programming for balance improvement, massage therapy, pain reduction, cognitive care, continence improvement, swallow therapy, neuro rehab for Parkinson’s or traumatic brain injury, vision therapy, voice therapy and more. 


In addition to traditional outpatient therapy provided in our clinics, our therapists can come to your home to complete a Safe-At-Home Assessment. This assessment includes recommendations for home modifications, equipment, and services. The Ascend Rehabilitation Safe-At-Home Assessment service is available to anyone who requires this type of evaluation in order to remain safely at home. Individuals interested in this service may wish to continue living at home but recognize they are having difficulties with day-to-day activities due to a recent injury, illness or physical changes related to the aging process.

The Safe-At-Home Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s ability to function safely in his or her home environment, as well as physical arrangement of the home’s furniture, facilities or equipment. Completed by a licensed therapist, the assessment includes observation and evaluation of how the individual functions while performing activities like:

  • Getting in and out of bed
  • Using a chair
  • Managing stairs
  • Preparing meals

The assessment also incorporates a cognitive evaluation. 

Once the evaluation is complete, the Safe-At-Home Assessment therapist reviews recommendations and strategies with the client and provides information regarding proposed equipment or services. This clinical information is documented in a written report and forwarded to the client (or an approved representative) and his or her health care team. 

A Safe-At-Home Assessment is considered a therapy visit and the cost is typically covered by insurance when ordered by a physician. Referrals may be obtained from a physician, social worker, therapist or family member. 

Contact us today to learn more about our Safe-At-Home Assessment or home-based therapy and rehabilitation services. 


At Ascend Rehabilitation, we provide whatever care you need, wherever you need it. Learn more about our inpatient services, home-based capabilities and wellness programs, including individual or group fitness classes.