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Real Success Stories – Gene

patient and at home nurse

Gene suffered a stroke in February 2017; it resulted in severe left-sided neglect and paralysis. He needed help with activities of daily living and all transitional movements. His swallowing was affected by the stroke; he was placed on a thickened liquids and mechanical soft diet. Once admitted to transitional care at Saint Therese of New Hope, physical, occupational and speech therapies were immediately ordered to help return him back home.

After 11 weeks of therapy, Gene returned home to his family. His left-side functional strength improved and left neglect and spacial awareness totally resolved. The progress allowed him to manage his transitional movements and complete supervised activities of daily living.

Gene beat the odds by walking again with the help of a hemi-walker. He now enjoys a regular diet and sees his in-home Saint Therese therapists on a regular basis.

“I am so appreciative of the help I have received from Saint Therese Rehab.” – Gene, Stroke Survivor

How we measured Gene’s success

For most patients at Saint Therese Rehab, self-care and functional mobility outcomes dictate the ability to live an independent, safe lifestyle beyond transitional care. Gene’s personal goals designed his plan for therapy and rehabilitation services which included physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Ultimately, he wanted to get back home.

Before therapy began, Gene needed maximal assistance from staff to complete all activities of daily living (ADLs) and to complete transitional movements. After 11 weeks in the transitional care unit and working with Saint Therese Rehab at Saint Therese of New Hope, he demonstrated functional strength on the left side, his left neglect and lack of spacial awareness resolved. His movement patterns improved to allow significant functional improvements. He could get in/out of bed and chairs independently and walk supervised with a hemi-walker. He was able to conduct ADLs with supervision (hygiene/UB dressing/toileting) and his swallowing improved.

Gene’s goal had been met: he was able to return home on a regular diet with thin liquids.

Patient Functional Mobility Outcomes

Patient Functional Mobility Outcomes Chart


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